Monday, August 5, 2013

Referee Me

I am so excited to share this dress. First of all because I fell in love with it right away because I love thin stripes and I love bows. Secondly because I hemmed the sleeves all by myself. I even managed to make 2 little pouches out of the leftover sleeve material!

This might not sound like a major accomplishment but for me, it is a big deal. I am notorious for messing up sewing machines. In the past I have broken way more needles than anyone else I know, considering how few hours I have actually put in to sewing.

In high school I was very impatient with sewing. I tried to sew through jeans, and seams when I wasn't supposed to. I hardly ever used pins and when I did I would run over the bumpy part. I put my mom's sewing machine through a lot!

Back then my projects were always kind of crooked and they took me forever because I had to keep re-threading the machine. This project took me only about 1 hour, bags included, while I was simultaneously trying to keep the kids entertained. Not too shabby! It would have been even nicer if I had been patient enough to buy the right color thread though :P.

In this look:
Dress: Nordstrom Town Square vintage secretary dress
Purse: Unlabeled vintage
Shoes: Seychelles "It don't Mean a Thing"
Lipstick: Urban Decay Super Saturated Lipcolor in Theodora

Thanks for stopping by!

<3 KM


  1. I love the dress. I thought it was a skirt and top at first, but a dress is better. Love how you hemmed it too, so clever! xx
    Heroine In Heels

    1. Thanks Laura! It does look like 2 pieces, doesn't it? I like that it is a dress too because it makes it so easy to chose an outfit but I would love to have a shirt like this. I have already been eyeing some :P.

  2. Haha - I love the face you're making in the last pic. I want to see the pouches.

    1. Lol, thanks M! I always seem to make funny faces after a few minutes of taking pics. I'll try to take a pics of the pouches today, the boys already claimed them :).

  3. What a cute dress! I too thought it was 2 pieces, but I love the retro-secretary vibe of the dress. Thanks so much for the follow!