Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Zombie lips?

For some reason I have been lusting for sky blue and mint lipsticks for a long time. 

I told myself over and over again that I would never wear them, but then I saw some pics of people wearing them and I thought they looked super cool so the temptation returned.

I was initially thinking of purchasing Lime Crime but it's a bit expensive for something I would only use once in a long while. 

Finally I caved when Morgana's Crypt had a sale but now I am fairly certain that I will only wear the blue and the green shades on Halloween...

or during costume parties... 

or when it is generally acceptable to wear mint lips...

I wonder if that will ever happen...

maybe in the future even college professors, doctors and lawyers will be able to wear multicolored hair, tattoos and piercings...

That would be pretty sweet! 

Here's some swatches if you're interested:

Marigold - Esmerelda - Just Peachy - Sky Fire - S'mores
Just Peachy - one of my faves

Marigold - Esmerelda - Just Peachy - Sky Fire - S'mores

One thing that I really like about Morgana's Crypt is that it is an indie business. I think that it is so cool that these are made in small batches and still in lipstick tube form. Many of the indie makeup brands have lip pots for their lip colors, it is pretty rare to see sticks!

This is my first time trying out M.C.'s products and I really do like them. The white based shades (especially Sky Fire) may separate a bit so they require a base coat of foundation and perhaps a dusting of powder on top to set. I believe that it is due to the nature of the color and I have this problem with other white based lipsticks too especially NYX lip cream.  I usually wear a bit of foundation underneath my lipstick anyways so that's not a huge deal to me but these photos are taken sans foundation.

The formula of Morgana's lipsticks is a bit firmer than most other lipsticks I own. This makes it really easy to outline your cupids bow and shape your lips. 

I still don't know exactly why I wanted mint and sky blue lipstick but now I'm good. I have been wearing Just Peachy quite often and I like to layer Marigold with other colors. My son says S'mores makes me look like a zombie lol. At least I've got a head start on my Halloween costume :). 

What's the craziest shade of lipstick you own?

Thanks for tuning in!

<3 KM


  1. I think the pale blues and greens look great - they really bring out your eyes!
    Remember when I put sharpie on my lips for Halloween? I have some bright green Ben Nye creme that I've tried on my lips at home. Does that count? I can't really wear lipstick normally because it comes off so fast on me... I think I bite my lips or something.

  2. Thanks M! Maybe I'll work up the courage to wear them out one day :).

    Lol, the sharpie totally worked - it wasn't patchy or anything! Ben Nye counts for sure. I've heard that it is super versatile and good quality, do you like it? I've never tried that brand but they have some awesome pallets that I have been eyeing!

    I always need to reapply most lipsticks too but OC lip tars last much longer. I love those!