Monday, January 20, 2014

Dyed Buzz Cuts for All ft. Jessie J, Winston, Dennis Rodman...

One of the shows I like to watch is New Girl. During a flashback, in the episode called "Basketball", Winston shows off a dyed leopard buzz cut. I couldn't stop thinking how much cooler it made him look, even though it was obviously sprayed on.

Dyed buzz cuts look rocking on both guys and girls. I considered dying my hair but I am sure that the upkeep can be pretty ridiculous. I bet you need to dye it quite often unless you're okay with showing your roots.

Here are some more awesome buzz cuts:

Hair accessory
Amber Rose
Hair accessory (clipped to

... (clipped to

Dennis Rodman - King of the dyed buzz cut
Haircare (clipped to

Tempted? I love the blue on Jessie J. It would be great if you could just try it out for a day and then have all of your hair back the next. I know there's always wigs, weaves and extensions but I have a low tolerance for uncomfortable hair styles so I don't think I could handle those either.

Later Lovelies!

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