Monday, January 6, 2014

In Love with... Tiny foods - Kracie Popin Cookin Happy Kitchen kits

Kracie Happy Kitchen Ice Cream Kit
One day I was browsing Youtube and I came across these awesome, Japanese candy kits. I love mini food things so I knew I needed to try one for myself but I couldn't decide which one to try. Thankfully they are available in variety packs on Amazon so I ordered this lot of 9 for my kids and I for Christmas. They are so fun and they actually taste better than I anticipated.

The instructions for these are in Japanese so that made it a challenge at first but then I just went ahead and searched the Internet for the English instructions.  There are lots of Youtube videos out there that show you how to make them but I prefer written instructions. The videos helped me figure out what to expect though, and they are pretty entertaining!

Kracie Happy Kitchen Sushi kit
The first kit that my kids and I made was the hamburger kit. It was the most challenging because I wasn't sure what the consistency was supposed to be like and it actually needed to be microwaved at certain points. Once I got the hang of it I became more comfortable with trying to decipher the instructions on my own.

The English instructions help a lot but beware - sometimes the colors of the packet inside your kit may vary from the color of the packet in the tutorials or instructions. If this is the case it helps to try to compare the writing on the packages. If the writing looks identical but the colors are different than you may just have different packaging. Smelling the powder can help you figure out what component it actually is if this happens to you.

If you purchased a kit and you'd like to read some English instructions check these out:

I can't find any written instructions for the waffle kit or the cake decorating kit so Youtube is your best bet for those. I still wonder if I made the blueberries right in the waffle kit because mine turned out squishy. The play dough kit seems to be pretty self explanatory but I still haven't opened it.

Assembly Hints:
  • Open the packaging very carefully.
    • Sometimes the wrapper is used in the final product either as a place mat or as decoration, such as the fry holder and drink wrap in the hamburger kit. 
    • It is recommended to cut the top and bottom of the plastic wrapper with scissors. 
    • Sometimes the box is used for display too like in the ice cream kit.
  • Less water is better than too much water. 
    • You can always add a little more if it is too thick. 
  • Have little dishes ready. 
    • Little pitcher, teapot or dish to hold the water. 
      • Kids love to use their own play kitchen dishes - just make sure they are clean! 
    • Little plate for your treats. 
  • Use filtered or bottled water.

Have you tried any of these? I think they are so fun! 

Later Lovelies, 


  1. OMG these are too cute and means you can be 'naughty' without eating too much!

    I found your blog via Bloglovin and it would be great if you could take a look at my latest posts and say hi :) xx

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