Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gold and Garnets

Gold and Garnets

Lately I have been craving vintage, ancient looking gold and garnet jewelry. Red garnet is just gorgeous and it happens to be this month's birth stone. According to Crystal Vaults garnet is known to calm emotions and repel bad dreams, among other things. These rings look like they really could give you super powers.

The bracelet in the upper right hand corner is made by the 19th century goldsmith Francois-Desire Froment-Meurice. The band is actually made of human hair which sounds kind of creepy but it is still so pretty. I actually heard about Froment-Meurice from an episode of Pawn Stars. <3 his work.

Happy birthday to all the January babies!



  1. So cool. Now I want to make a hair bracelet! I have some blue hair laying around from my last big chop.
    And I do think garnets are some of the prettiest stones.

    1. I thought you would like that piece. It's a wedding bracelet. A blue hair bracelet would be trippy. So cyber Victorian!