Wednesday, January 29, 2014

In Love with... Mixed prints and velvet heels

Leopard and Roses

A few reasons why I heart this:

  • Mixed prints are fun.
  • <3 the zippered bell sleeves on the LUV AJ moto jacket. 
  • These D&G sunglasses are even prettier in person.
  • The aquamarine ring has a hidden compartment.
  • See-through clutches intrigue me. 
  • Peacock teal + velvet + satin bows + shoes

Later Lovelies!



  1. Hi KM Fern, i hope you are well. I like the leather jacket and the peacock teal velvet bows shoes. <3

    1. Hey Anna! The jacket is extra awesome because you can buy it with 3 different hardwares, rose gold, gold or platinum. They even have an embossed leather version. So smart!

  2. I'm totally a sucker for jewelry with hidden compartments.

  3. Ahhh, me too! Unfortunately this one is 44K. Just a tad pricey for my budget lol but sooo gorgeous.