Friday, January 24, 2014

Intro to Russian Pop

I like Russian pop music. I have been trying to learn Russian, but I have not really gotten past dah, nyet, and spaseebo. I have been working on the alphabet more, but man... languages are not my strong suit.  Here are a few of my favorites. Most of them are in English, so don't worry if you are language impaired like me. 
I discovered Glucoza through GTA. Her voice is so sexy. I looked up some her lyrics in English, though, and they came off as way too lovey-dovey for me, but luckily they are in another language so it's not that bad to listen to.
Two from Sergey Lazarev. The first one is from 2005, the next on 2010. I think he is the king of cheesy pop. I have never heard such cheesy, catchy songs. I love to dance to these late at night and drive my down-stair's neighbor nuts.
Everyone knows tATu, but maybe not this song. There is a version in English, too, if you can find it. So pretty.

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