Friday, February 20, 2015

Furry Eyeball Hat

I got it into my head that I wanted a warm, weird hat. I look weird in hats anyway, so I figured if the hat is weird enough then people might not notice that I look strange. I came up with the idea to put eyeballs on a pink hat. 

I searched online until my fingers bled and ended up with this one image. The only image that I could use as a visual to make sure this idea wasn't too far on the crazy side. It make me want to add little horns to the sides of my hat, too.

I got a rabbit-fur hat from E4hats. The price is unbelievably good for real fur, which it is, but unfortunately the hat itself was a bit strange. It was way too tall for my head. I think it was made as a cone-head disguise.

I tore it apart and remade it. I found some wonky cardboard stuff in the lining. Maybe that's why it had such a strange shape. 

I threw out that lining and made a new lining with some trippy fabric I had. 

I made some eyeballs out of a white t-shirt and markers. If you want to make eyeballs, just cut out 4 of the bottom shape from the picture above. Paint an iris and pupil on one of them. Sew them up from pointy-end to pointy-end, and draw some red veins. And stuff. Don't forget the stuffing.

I made the one on the forehead with 2 circles, so it wouldn't stick out as much. I then sewed some snaps on to that eyeball and the forehead of my hat. This way I can remove it if I ever get too self-conscious. I sewed some ties on the bottom two eyeball and tied them on.

Is it just crazy? Or crazy awesome? 

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  1. I swear this could be in an exhibit for a monster type Kawaii wearable art show. <3 it!