Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tim Tams at Target with Cartwheel!! Plus cheap Windex for Spring Cleaning

Is it just me or are Tim Tams popular all of a sudden? I have been hearing all about Tim Tams for months, an Australian chocolate biscuit snack, but I haven't had a chance to try them. Until today, nom :).
Source: Target 

The first time I ever heard of Tim Tams was in the video below with Jenna Marbles. Beware, she swears a lot :P. The fact that she ate them all made me really curious. Kim Kardashian reportedly loves Tim Tams too. I figure that they must be good since she has enough money to eat just about any treat from anywhere around the world!

I am trying to avoid sugar for the most part but when the offer for 15% off of Tim Tam popped up in my Target Cartwheel feed I figured it was fate. I had no idea that you could get them easily in the US.

Apparently Tim Tams are a new item at my Target. I've read that they are carried seasonally in some areas but I didn't notice them before.

As I was choosing my flavor (I went with Original) two other people in the cookie aisle also declared their love for Tim Tams. I had a good feeling that I was going to love them from the very first bite.

It turns out Tim Tams are even better than I expected. The cookie part is light and flaky. They sweet but not chokingly so. I just love biscuits, maybe since I'm part English?

Our box didn't last very long. I think I had 3 of the 11 biscuits which is like 285 calories.
They are definitely not diet friendly, unless you have more will power than I and you can stick to just one a day. I am glad that my house is full of people to share them with!

If you use Target's Cartwheel discount service you can get 15% off Tim Tams right now. With the discount my package came out to $2.79 which is much better than Amazon's current price of $10.95 per package for the Original flavor. I am sure that shipping them is tricky though since they are delicate. My Target store has the Original and the Caramel flavors. Amazon has flavors that Target doesn't carry such as Red Velvet and White Chocolate which are available in double packs. 

This Windex before you is the whole reason why I decided to make the trip to Target in the first place. At the moment Target has a promotion where you can buy 3 Windex bottles and get 1 free.  If you use this along with the Windex coupons from Right @ Home you can get another $4 - $8 off. I was able to print one $2 coupon and three $1 coupons so I got $5 off. 

You can also get an extra $1 off your purchase if you text SNACKS to 827438. You can read more about this deal here on Krazy Coupon Lady. The extra dollar off mobile coupon ends soon but the B3G1 free promo should run through 3/21. 

All in all I spent $3.57 for four bottles, score! I have never tried the multi surface disinfectant spray before. I love Windex so I am pretty amped to try this new version out tomorrow.

Ready for Spring cleaning :). 

I also found a few other goodies while shopping there too, the joys of Target!

These jewelry racks are too cute. <3 the color at the bottom of the earring rack. 
This Tropical Pineapple candle by Yankee smells seriously good.
I figured it must be pretty yummy since it is the last of it's kind at my store.
I always notice things like that lol. 

I am currently working on 11:42 Style's first giveaway, yay!! I'm not quite ready to start it yet so I decided to write this post instead. I really am so happy to have finally tried the infamous Tim Tams. Please stay tuned.

Hope that you are all having a great week!

<3 KM

P.S. There are a few Amazon affiliate links above. Any proceeds go towards the maintenance of this blog.

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