Monday, February 9, 2015

The Unicorns are back - and it is so good.

A long, long time ago I was browsing the CD aisles at Border's and I came across The Unicorns album Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone. Listening to that CD for the very first time was a magical moment for me, one that I will never forget! I have lots of favorite bands introduced by others, or the radio, but they by far one of my favorite self discoveries. It could be described as cute, dorky but deep, ska - think the Beachboys meet the Pixies.

Unfortunately the band split up in 2004 and the members moved on to other projects such as Th' Corn Gang and Islands. I have yet to listen to either of those as I just discovered it myself after researching for this article, thanks Wikipedia.

All of a sudden The Unicorns reunited in 2014 to support Arcade Fire, as both bands are from Montreal. I don't believe it is a long term thing but it is still a dream come true and perhaps the source of the 2 new tracks on Soundcloud - which are awwwesome! Here are their two new tracks which I have just discovered. They posted them in July and August I believe but I hadn't been following them on Soundcloud before.

Alden Penner, one of the band's members has recently teamed up with Michael Cera to make a track called Meditate. You can read about it here. I find it pretty awesome that Michael Cera has such a delicate voice, totally bumps him up a notch in my book.

One of their most popular songs from their original music is I Was Born A Unicorn. I just love this fan made video - it's just perfect.


Hope that you all have a great week!

<3 KM

PS. I have included an affiliate link above to the album, any proceeds will be used to support this blog.

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