Friday, February 6, 2015

Sewing: Bomber Dress from Men's Shirt

I found a shirt at K-Mart in Hawaii. I thought the fabric was so cool. I usually stay away from Hawaiian prints. They usually aren't my style, but I thought this was just too awesome to pass up. It looks like a normal print if you aren't paying attention, but if you do then you see there are awesome bombers and fighters flying over Diamond Head, and there are aircraft carriers in the ocean. I had to have it, but all they had was xxl and xxxl men's. I ended up buying the xxxl to make sure I had enough fabric. 

I first ripped all the seams in the shirt. You wouldn't believe how many colors of thread were used in this garment. At least six! I've never seen anything like it in my whole career of ripping apart perfectly good clothes.

Anyway, I cut out the pieces for my dress, basing it loosely on another dress that had unfortunately gotten too small over the years. I added some nifty pleats to the front that I had to do over a couple of times to make them line up right. 

It turned out a little big, but that ended up to be a good thing because I had forgotten to wash the shirt/fabric before I sewed. I washed it and it shrank to the exact right size. Now I have some silly resort-wear that does not make me cringe. I am happy.


  1. This is WAAAAAAAAAAY genius! The shirt you used is perfect with the planes on it. Too good.

    1. Thanks! I think I have some distance with the aloha wear now, so I can finally handle it. Which island are you from?