Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Beer Shampoo. I love it!

Who would have known that beer is good for your hair? I would have never thought about pouring it over my locks, although apparently some people do. I had no idea that it's a thing. Turns out, I love BROO beer shampoo!
I have been growing my hair out for awhile now. I take Biotin along with a multivitamin to support the growth, which helps, however it is still important for me to be gentle to my hair. For this reason I avoid SLS and other chemicals which are found in most shampoos.

I find that this helps my hair grow better, however it really limits my options. Many shampoos that are labeled "Natural" still have SLS or other chemicals in them. BROO avoids the big ones which is the main reason that I considered it. 

Natural and Vegan
Why beer? 

According to this article from Truth in Aging, "When you soak, rinse, or spritz your hair with beer, its natural ingredients coat each strand and lend hair-nourishing benefits. In addition to B vitamins, the proteins found in malt and hops are said to repair damaged hair and boost overall body. Meanwhile, the maltose and sucrose sugars in beer tighten the hair's cuticles for enhanced shine." 

Choosing a shampoo that contains beer, or mixing beer with shampoo or conditioner avoids stank-y hair. Even Catherine Zeta Jones is known to use beer to condition her locks! 

Why avoid SLS? 

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is one of the most common shampoo ingredients because it makes a nice lather. It is not good for our bodies though, because it is a known irritant and could possibly be carcinogenic. SLSfree is a good source for more information. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) also has a database called Skin Deep which rates the safety of common beauty products based on their ingredients.

BROO's Shampoo Ingredients
BROO's conditioner ingredients

After using this shampoo for over 4 months I can honestly say that I am still loving it. It doesn't give my hair a ton of volume, but my hair is naturally very straight so I always need products to thicken my hair anyways. I have noticed that it does leave a bit more volume than my other go-to natural shampoo, which is Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Shampoo.

I find that this shampoo works best when I alternate it with another shampoo once a week. This is pretty common with natural shampoos. The scent is pleasant, natural and light. When I want something to smell a bit stronger I add some sort of product. BROO really does leave a nice shine in my hair, especially when I rinse with cold water after applying the conditioner.

Happy 2016!!!! Wishing you all the very best this year.

<3 KM

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