Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Keep your resolution with the best workout songs of 2015!

With almost one month under our belts, 2015 is officially and undeniably over. But I'm not finished listening to the hits yet. Here are my top ten workout songs taken from the Billboard Hot 100 - 2015, building in intensity. Perfect for running!

There are two Bieber songs on here. I seriously never ever thought that I'd like him but I love What Do You Mean?. It's so relatable, because there are tons of times when I have no idea what I mean but totally expect my people to haha.

Hotline Bling is my favorite song of the whole lot. Before this song Drake was just "meh" in my book but this brought him to a whole new level. I have listened to this song so. many. times. The sweater dance is seriously the best.

I featured Lean on by Major Lazer back in June, always amazing! So happy that it made it to Billboard's 100. The Major Lazer crew is composed of music wizards. So good.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

<3 KM


  1. Worked out to your playlist today. I can't belleve the Beyonce was less tolerable than the Bieber. Haha. Waves is totally my fav pop song of last year. Did you see Sia on SNL with that song?

    1. Nice! I love Waves too, I think Mr. Probz is going to go far after that one! I have no idea why I like Hotline Bling so much lmao. Beyonce's 7/11 is so weird. Its a bit painful because it seems like she's trying too hard to be current. It totally motivates me to keep up with the beat though lmao. Had to look up Sia's Elastic Heart on SNL, totally cool. They nailed it!