Friday, January 1, 2016

3 Ingredient Lotion

There are so many weird ingredients in store-bought lotion. You don't want to be rubbing unknown synthetics into your body's largest organ, right? I tried to just get away with coconut oil for a while, but the winter makes my skin super itchy so I had to add a couple things.

2 parts Coconut oil
1 part Shea Butter
3 parts Vegetable Glycerin (try to get this ethically sourced to you don't end up vicariously killing orangutans)

You can fool with the ratio of the ingredients because everyone's skin is different. I like this one because for me it doesn't leave too much of a greasy residue and doesn't make me break out.

 Just mix up those three ingredients in whatever container you are using.  If you heat it, it will come together better, but it is entirely unnecessary. I just mixed mine with my fingers. 

The glycerin works better with some added water, so I put mine on after my shower. I wouldn't add water to the lotion or it might mold. I had a test batch sit in the open for months and it did not spoil one bit, so it is fairly shelf stable.

You can also add essential oils to make it smell nice. As is, it had a bit of a musty smell from the shea butter. 

It also works pretty well as a hair moisturizer, if you don't put too much in.


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