Friday, January 15, 2016

Seek the Realms of the Great Beyond

I know I am always late on the trends. It's part of my style, I guess. At least I am not so far behind this time that all the stuff is out of stock! Anyway, I love the idea of having this game board on everything. I want a night-table with an Ouija design on top, so my cup can leave me water-ringed messages in the night.
Dark Side Clothing
Think of the party games you could play with this hoodie. You could do light as a feather, stiff as a board at the same time as planchette-ing. 

Throw pillows confuse me (I always think of the scene from Coupling), but this one has a use besides just taking up couch space - summoning beings from unknown realms. Sounds like an okay reason to succumb to these strange, evil, squares of fluff.

Rebels Market
Just wear a planchette necklace with this bikini and you are ready for some interesting times with the great beyond, not that I recommend calling in the incubi and succubi.

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