Friday, January 22, 2016

My Disney Bounding

I went to Disneyland recently for the first time ever. I was obsessing over what to pack when I found out about Disney Bounding. Disney Bounding, if you don't know, is dressing like a character or element of a Disney creation without doing a full-on costume. 

One of my favorite Disney songs is Pink Elephants on Parade. I had been wanting to make my pink elephant plushie into a purse for a long time, so this was the perfect excuse to rip out his stuffing and replace it with my wallet and phone. At some point I will probably post a tutorial on how to make a stuffed animal into a purse.

I put on my grey hoodie - because elephants, obviously, and my black dress because most of the song's animation is over a black background. I also wore my pink and grey stockings to try to up the trippiness factor.

I found it to be a happy coincidence that my shirt and my bag matched the colors on the Tomorrowland sign, but that wasn't my initial plan.  My favorite Disney movie is The Black Cauldron, and while my favorite character is Gurgi, I don't really own that many white clothes. I decided to try and do a Horned King. I put my hair in two buns to emulate his horns and wore a shit the color of his robes. My flannel also has little stripes of maroon, too. 

I made the broach that the Horned King wears out of a safety-pin and some sculpy. This was probably unnecessary, but it turned out cool.

I had a great time - Splash Mountain was the best!

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  1. Such a cool idea, really unique choices! The pink elephants used to freak me out when I was little but I like them now lmao. I would totally do Alice and Ariel, maybe the hipster versions. I love Pocahontas, Meeko and Flit too but I'm not so sure I could make those work.