Friday, December 20, 2013

How to Sprout Yourself

I love sprouts. They are so tasty. They also keep me from going crazy from having nothing to grow in the winter. I think eating them also helps to balance my hormones a little. I seem to get less cramps when I eat them... that was probably tmi... 

Anyway, most sprouts can be sprouted using this method. I used my favorite, alfalfa, but you can use adzuki, mung bean, broccoli, fenugreek (eww), clover, or many others. Some sprouting seeds need more work like onion, but I have limited experience in that at the moment. 

There are other methods of sprouting. Some require weird muli-layered contraptions. There is also the bag method, which I want to try one day. I did this method because it required the least equipment and it was easy, so I never switched to anything else.

First get some sprouting seeds and put them in a mason jar. 
Rinse them well. 
Let them soak for 8 to 12 hours.

There are a few methods for draining. In these pictures I used a cut off piece of pantyhose because I was not at home. At home I have this little green plastic lid with holes in it. It sometimes gets stuck on the jar, so if I were going to buy a new one I would probably look for something else. I've also used cheese cloth and the metal lid-band to keep it in place. 

Rinse and drain every 8 to 12 hours. 

In the times between rinsings I like to keep the jar sideways and upside down in a dish so the excess water runs out and so the little planties can get some fresh air. 

In about four days, depending on the type of sprouts you used, they should be done. 

The sprouts don't need any sunlight. You can do this in a cave if you want. The leaves will be a yellow then, but the sprouts will be just as nutritious and tasty. Sprouts are pretty forgiving, so even if you forget to water them for a little bit, they usually come back to life right away when you remember. 

When the sprouts are done growing you should put a lid on the jar and put them in the fridge because they will last longer. Just make sure you don't rinse them right before you put them in the fridge because that could promote bacteria growth.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot because I don't often do this, but if you want to get rid of the little seed hulls take a large bowl of water and swish the sprouts around in it. You should be able to pour away the husks.

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