Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Short hair and society

Every once in awhile this is how I feel about my new haircut. I know it is going to grow out but it is so punk right now and it is a huge change since I cut off at least 18 inches. It's totally an "in your face" kind of haircut.

Lots of women say that they like my hair and treat me even nicer than usual because I am so brave to sport this 'do. However the other day I came across one lady at Walmart that just couldn't stop looking at me, giggling at her husband and then looking again. 

My first instinct was to go into another aisle and hide until she was gone but I decided to stand my ground. I just gave her a stare and remained confident behind my dark purple lipstick while I looked for what I needed. 

I hate that kind of attention. I don't really feel the need to blend in to the crowd but this felt like straight up snotty girl bullying. Tell it to my face, or at least wait until I am in the next aisle! What if I was sick or something? For reals. 

After that I came home and ordered a wig. I figured plenty people wear extensions so why not try a wig? It hasn't come in yet. Then I started playing around with hairspray and hair wax. I actually had pretty good results with that. It makes my style look more purposeful. Wearing heels, hoop earrings and a nice outfit really help me feel more confident too, so I can rock this look.

My husband still likes my hair. He does admit that I look like an anarchist but apparently that's okay in his book. We are still both punks at heart. I am so happy that he likes it because I go through a lot of hair phases and he gets nervous every time I cut or dye it, especially when he likes the current style. I just hate having boring hair. I am getting used to my new short haircut and it gets less "OMG" stares everyday as it is getting a tiny bit longer. It is definitely not boring :P. 

My oldest son says it looks too much like boy hair in the back but yeah, 6 year olds are like that. He helped me pick out my wig. I have no idea if I will actually wear it or not because everyone gotten used to my short hair already. Maybe I'll just save it for Halloween. My middle son wants to cut his hair like mine now lmao. He loves it. 

Can't make everybody happy! 

Later Lovelies, 


  1. You're beautiful! that lipstick looks amazing on you

    1. Thanks love! My lip color is Urban Decay's Super-Saturated High Gloss lip color in F-Bomb. <3 UD!