Sunday, December 15, 2013

In Love with... Wallet Purses

I am a wuss when it comes to carrying around heavy handbags. I end up leaving them somewhere instead of carrying them around which is never good. So instead of carrying handbags I have gotten into the habit of leaving my big bag in my car, or somewhere that I know I won't forget it, and I just use a small purse/ wallet instead.

Wallet purses aka crossbody wallets aka wallets on a chain are perfect for shopping. When I have a wallet purse I never put it down because it is light and I just keep it on my shoulder. I can keep my keys, phone, money and lipstick close by and that's all that I really feel that I need. 

This is really important to me because I am a bit of a ditz. I am booksmart but common sense stuff just seems to slip my mind sometimes. I have been known to put things down in random places, on store shelves, picnic tables... I even left my cell phone in the refrigerator once :P. I end up getting side tracked by my kids or a phone call or shiny packaging and then I just walk away. 

I have been so lucky in the past that I have either found my things right where I left them... or I have been able to retrieve them from lost and found... or another person but I haven't had that problem since I switched to wallet bags! Luckily I have come up with systems like this to prevent stuff from happening again lol. 

Reasons I love wallet bags:
  • Much lighter than purses
  • Cuter than a fanny pack
  • Carry all the essentials
  • Find cash without digging
  • Phone is close so you can answer right away
  • Zippered ones are the best
    • You can shake them around and nothing will fall out. 

You'd think I was selling these things or something :P. More than anything I just hope that more designers make these. Clutch wallets with a strap are okay but these are even better. 

Right now I have one by Big Buddha that has a crossbody strap and a clutch strap. That was great because I could hold it close when I needed to worry about someone taking it and use the strap when I wasn't worried about that. It was my favorite until my boys broke it because they were obsessed with the tassle lol. Now I'm thinking about getting the Michael Kors one here because I think it will be more durable and it is zippered. 

What's your keys/ money/ phone system? I know I'd be lost without mine, or I should say my things would be lost :P. 

Later Lovelies! 
<3 KM


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