Monday, December 30, 2013

My December Favorites featuring Chain Dumbin' and a box cake mix

December Favorites

1. BB Dakota Felicity Tank
I love the floral sequins design on this shirt. So shiny!

2. Robert Rose Swap Necklace
I bought this from Little Black Bag and it's even prettier in person. I plan on wearing it with a black dress for New Year's. I love the draped chain look.

3. Chain Dumbin' by Star Slinger ft. Juicy J., Project Pat & Reggie B.
This song is over a year old but I have been listening to it at least 4 times a day since I discovered it last week. It sounds so smooth!

4. Duncan Hine's Holiday Velvets
My hubby's birthday is in December and my son chose this cake mix to make to celebrate. I just made my own frosting to go on top and added blueberry filling in the middle. I hope that they make this cake mix in other colors like pink/purple, blue/green or purple/blue. It makes baking a multi colored cake a no brainer because each color is on its own pouch and you just add one egg and some oil and water to each and bake them in round pans. Easy peasy, even when the kiddos are helping!

5. Laura Zindel Mushroom ornament
I saw this in the Martha Stewart gift guide and it reminds me so much of MR. I visited the potter's website and she even makes bottles and tea cups with mushrooms and ferns and all kinds of creatures on them. <3 her style!

6. Steve Madden zippered sneaker wedges
I have been wanting a pair of sneaker wedges for awhile but I don't really like the ones that have too many ridges on the top. I love that these have a zipper and that the "collar" part is not too high. Plus I like that these have just a stripe of leopard which makes them more wearable.

7. RiRi Hearts MAC "Pleasure Bomb"
This is a very bright fuchsia lipstick. I just love the RiRi Hearts MAC collection and this color is really fun.

8. Diamond Candles
I finally got one of these for Christmas in the Gingerbread Latte scent, it smells so good! I got a cheap purple ring in mine. I've actually been wearing it though. My mom got a beautiful ring in hers. It has some sort of stamping in the band but it's so tiny that none of us can read it. Can't wait to take till she takes it to a jeweler to see what it's made of!

Wishing you all a very happy new year. Bring it on 2014!


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