Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bandana Print Things I Want

Every once in a while bandana print clothing becomes popular and every time I see it I want to scoop it up. Maybe it's because of my love of paisley?

Here are some of my recent bandana print finds:

Elwood activewear pants
<3 <3 <3 these! 

Bandana chambray drop-waist dress
cute Gap dress

Other UK | Other Uk T-Shirt Dress In Bandana Print at ASOS
If you're feeling a bit gansta...

Juicy Couture Montana Bandana Baseball Cap
Pink Paisley! The mannequin  head is creepy but the hat is cute :P.

Loungefly Embossed Bandana Fold Over Clutch - eBags.com
I have an aversion to wearing skulls, I feel like it is a bad omen - but this is cute! 

So sad that this is sold out!! 

Unif (see more UNIF)

bandana pajamas for the mamajamas - lmao

This one is great if you are on a budget - it's only $9.99!

Skirt (clipped to polyvore.com)

Hope that everyone is having a great week! I am working on trying hard to get an Etsy shop running some time soon with all of my random jewelry creations and vintage sunnies and also working on my next song post. It's all a process since I have to put my kid-os first, but they are my everything so it's okay. I've just gotta work on making some more $$$ so that their future is secure too. Trying to be a responsible grown up is so hard :P. <3 KM


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