Tuesday, July 1, 2014

8 Nude Sandals for Summer

It is so hot today, 96 degrees in the shade - literally! The thought of wearing shoes at all just hurts but I am getting so tired of slippers aka flip flops. They are kind of boring and not very supportive so walking long distances in them is pretty awful.

I think it might be time for me to join the crowd of people that wear Birkenstocks. Sometimes they even look kind of cool, like you're a world traveler or something. I've been wanting some nude shoes lately because they go with everything, especially black and white. Just like the nude lip look. I tried that one out for awhile but it decided that I need to wait till I get a tan, I just look like I forgot to cover my foundation or something lol. Nude pinks lips are my fave though!

Here are some of the nude sandals that I have been dreaming of, my favorite pair is the first pair by Giambattista Valli but they are a whopping $850.


TOPSHOP PREETA Premium Sandals

Jeffrey Campbell Caprese Sandal Nude

ASOS FOR KEEPS Leather Gladiator Flat Sandals

Stella McCartney Slingback Double Platform Sandal


Jeffrey Campbell Aurelia Platform Sandal - Tan Suede

Sam Edelman 'Romy' Wedge Sandal

Sam Edelman 'Romy' Wedge Sandal (see more toe thongs)

The last pair is pretty much like flip flops with heels but I still think they're adorable. In Hawaii everyone wears this kind but in the surf brands so maybe that's why I like them. I worked at a shoe department on Kauai when I was younger and we could hardly keep the Roxy shoes like this in stock. I kind of miss that job sometimes but it was no good for me - I ended up trying to buy all the shoes lol. 

<3 KM 

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