Friday, July 11, 2014

WTF: Pill Inspired Fashion

I was looking around for a new dress and I came across this one. I wondered who would wear such a dress and where would they wear it. I searched and found no answer to my questions, but I did find that the motif is a bit prolific for something so strange.

So who are these items for? Drug addicts? Someone trying to support their sick friend? Someone who wants to show off that they take medication? Someone trying to shed light on the pill-popping epidemic in America?

And I somehow doubt anyone would dare wear any of this to work. Is is party gear? Stuff for off duty doctors or maybe a Halloween costume?

I am so full of questions about this strange phenomenon. Can anyone out there answer any of them? If you have worn anything like this, please don't be insulted. I just want to know why these objects exist. 

I mean, I like food-print clothing. Maybe it's just supposed to be sorta kitschy like that. 


  1. Maybe we could wear these to a rally against the over prescription of medications in America :). Love the Louboutin purse, I love just about anything Louboutin. The leggings are cute too, but I would prefer if they were covered with sprinkles instead of pills lol.

    1. If I could figure out where to wear it, I would totally get the dress. I have no idea who Louboutin is... I guess I am out of my depth fashion-wise.