Friday, July 25, 2014

Down to the River

This has turned into my summer anthem this year, for some reason. I haven't even been swimming in a river. The two rivers I am in contact with are not recreation rivers, really. They are nasty, polluted-by-industry sort of rivers, but I love them, even though they smell strange. 

Toxic Culverts

This t-shirt features rats and green-slime (two of my favorite things), just like my rivers. And from farther away it looks like a skull. It may be my next purchase. I swear I can squeeze one more tee into my t-shirt drawer!

And I shall leave you with this toxic looking bathing suit from Karla Colletto, perfect for swimming in rivers by yourself.


  1. That song is perfect, kind of like clearer less self destructive Lana Del Rey. <3 <3 <3. Neon green is hot!

    1. I guess I need to check out Lana Del Ray again... I've been listening to so much girly-folky-pop lately.