Monday, July 28, 2014

Beauty Benefits of Cucumber Water

Putting cucumbers in drinking water used to sound really weird to me. Lemon water, sure! Strawberry water, yum! But cucumber water? I dunno. One day I finally tried it when I went to a Karyn's vegan restaurant in Chicago. It tasted so fancy! Since then I've been hooked lol. 

Beauty Benefits:

Cucumber is full of silicon which is why it gets kind of slimy when it is old. Silicon is great for your skin because it helps keep it moist and plump, which in turn helps to fill in fine lines and avoid wrinkles making your skin smoother and softer. It also helps reduce swelling or sunburn when placed on the skin because of it's cooling effect. 

How to make cucumber water:

Add thin sliced cucumber and water into a container and refrigerate for an hour. You can use a muddle or the back of a clean spoon to speed up the process, but it won't be as pretty. You can also add thin slices of lemon, lime or even strawberry. After your water is chilled, drink up! 

An added benefit of drinking cucumber water is that my little ones don't try to sip from my bottle so I don't have to worry about them getting it yucky lol. 

Did you know that cucumbers are actually a type of melon? I just learned that a little while ago, but it totally makes sense to me now :P.

<3 KM

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