Sunday, July 13, 2014

Boxes - Sunday Song Session #4

There are so many words that I use to define myself everyday, and just as many words that other people use to define me. I feel like it is almost human nature for people to define each other before we even really meet each other.

I think this is one reason why first impressions are so important. Its kind of like the first meeting is the defining moment when you can either confirm or defy whatever pre-existing notions someone might have about you or that you might have about them.

Then when you really get to know someone you might put them in another box, one filled with deeper emotions contained with descriptions that match the kinds of time that you have shared with them by choice, obligation or force. This is how you will remember them when they are gone.

In reality we are all so much more than that. We are all complex and we all put on different masks and paint ourselves in different ways to survive in this competitive world. We all have struggles and barriers that keep us from being perfect, some more than others. The boxes definitely have their purpose, they protect us at times but other times it is just nice to let go of all of that and just live and love.

by KM Fern

Lots of Love,

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